When Fatigue Becomes Constant…

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Eye Health Increases Life Expectancy“I could sleep for a week!” I’m sure you’ve said this at some point in your life. It’s completely normal to be tired from time to time, perhaps even exhausted. There are periods in everybody’s life when stress, work, and general life cause people to be overtired and without motivation for much else other than rest. This kind of fatigue usually has a clear cause and an easy remedy.

But sometimes it’s not so easy. There are times when the grogginess can’t be kicked and you’re left scratching your head wondering what’s wrong. These feelings are typically indicative of constant fatigue and the solution requires far more than time between the sheets.

Constant fatigue makes life difficult. It creates nearly a constant state of tiredness resulting in weariness, confusion, lack of energy, and little motivation to do anything other than sit and rest. It can also impact you on an emotional and psychological level. And although fatigue creates a strong desire to sleep, it is quite different than simply being sleepy.

Most of the time, constant fatigue can be traced to one or more lifestyle traits, while in certain other situations it’s a result of an underlying medical cause. Lifestyle factors that can add to fatigue are alcohol use, caffeine, excessive physical activity, inactivity, an unhealthy diet, and a general lack of sleep. It can also be a result of a medical or psychological condition like anxiety, depression, grief, or stress.

If you’re feeling constantly tired, and have been for at least two weeks, try making some changes. Perhaps lower your alcohol and caffeine consumption, get more exercise (or take a break if you’ve been exercising hard for an extended period), and alter your diet to include more healthy options like fruits, vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, and lean protein. Cutting down on sugar can also help your energy levels.

If none of these measures work, you might want to talk to your doctor. Perhaps your blood is low in a specific nutrient, you have a hormonal imbalance, or something else is responsible for your unrelenting tiredness.