Six Best Natural Pain Relievers

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Here’s something positive on the health news front. Researchers at the Pain Research Center at the University of Utah have discovered that music could help reduce pain symptoms. Music, it seems, really can create a distraction that diverts our mind from focusing on pain.

For their study, the U.S. researchers recruited 153 healthy, normal volunteers. These volunteers participated in a test session in which pain responses were measured while listening to music. The researchers found that music reduced pain responses in the volunteers, but with a caveat: personality factors like anxiety and the ability to become absorbed in music increased the pain-reducing effect. In other words, music listening can reduce your responses to pain, depending on your personality. The researchers have this health advice: doctors should consider patients’ personality characteristics when recommending music listening for pain relief.

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Now, here are five other natural pain relievers you can try:

1. Acupressure: Also known as contact healing, acupressure uses finger and hand pressure to promote energy flow. When pressure is applied to your body, neurotransmitters that help to inhibit pain are released.

2. Arnica: This herbal cream could help reduce inflammation associated with pain when applied topically.

3. Bromelain: Fresh papaya or pineapple juice contains special enzymes that could help to reduce pain symptoms.

4. Curcumin: Found in turmeric, this nutrient scavenges free radicals and helps to reduce inflammation.

5. Capsaicin: Found in cayenne pepper, capsaicin could actually block pain signals from being transmitted to your brain.