Six Little-Known Remedies for the Flu

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Painful fluEach year brings with it influenza. Why not head into this year with an extra bundle of health secrets under up your sleeve?

Check out these six homeopathic remedies for the flu.

1. Baptisia Tinctoria

Baptisia is a good remedy for a form of flu that brings aches and pains. Your muscles feel bruised, heavy, sore, and/or stiff. At night you have a tendency to fall into deep sleep with bad dreams. Your bed feels uncomfortable, though, and hard. You have constant chills, and a dark red color has permeated your mouth, tongue, throat, and face. Baptisia is believed to have the power to reverse infections.

2. Eupatorium Perfoliatum

One of the big symptoms here is incredible aching in the body — even in the bones. A hoarse cough is present, which has made your throat very sore. Instead of lying still to relieve pain, you must move around. Restless, you have a strong thirst and seek ice cream and ice cold drinks for relief.

3. Gelsemium

Gelsemium is best used at the first sign of the flu. This superior flu remedy helps relieve sore muscles and achy pains quite fast. The symptoms set in gradually, which is unlike most flu cases. The cough is particularly harsh. Your face may be an off-red hue, and your eyelids appear heavy and droopy. One definite symptom here is feeling constant chills running up and down your back. You have no thirst.

4. Arsenicum Album

Restlessness and anxiety are noticeable, as is the fever. You feel hot. Overall, your body is weak, fatigued, and chilly. You have a strong thirst for cold beverages. In your stomach or throat, there are strange burning pains. Your nose drips incessantly. Arsenicum can respond quite well to the flu, and is recommended by many homeopathics.

5. Bryonia Alba

Bryonia can be effective for a flu that starts slowly and progresses to the point where an aching body is the main symptom. You feel beaten down. Because you feel worse when moving around, you need to lie still. The dry nose, dry throat, harsh cough, upset stomach, and bad headache combine to make you very grumpy.

6. Rhus Toxicodendron

Your flu might have set in following damp and cold weather — for this, Rhus is most useful. The most pronounced symptoms are severe aching, sneezing, stiffness, and couching — worse in the evening, triggered by tickling in your chest. The aches and restlessness during the night are hallmark symptoms. When you have a fever, you feel chills all the time unless you keep covered.