Six Remedies to Help Combat Your Allergies

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Six Remedies to Help Combat Your AllergiesAllergy season is thankfully slipping away. While the memory is fresh, take charge of next year’s misery by testing the waters these with six homeopathic remedies for ragweed and hay fever.

1. Dulcamara

Solanum dulcamara, a.k.a. “bittersweet,” is a herb that’s good for those whose allergies cause them to feel chills, react strongly to damp conditions, experience aches and pains, and even have some anxious symptoms. It is best for hay fever that begins in early autumn, or late summer. You will notice your symptoms more when weather temperatures cool down a bit. The symptoms most noticeable include bad sinus congestion, pain that radiates through your face, and thick yellow mucus when you blow your nose.

2. Arundo

This plant is a good option when your nose is running constantly and you lose your sense of smell (and thus taste). You sneeze uncontrollably, your saliva is in unusually high amounts, and you feel itchiness inside your nose and in the roof of your mouth.

3. Natrum Muriaticum

An excellent choice for those whose allergies are really aggravating their eyes. It fights inflammation and redness, and so can clear up nasal congestion where the mucus is thick and white. There’s an emotional link, too, as your allergic symptoms will worsen in times of grief, loss, or bottled emotions. You may frequently sneeze, cough up mucus, have headaches in sunny weather, and have watery discharge from the nose and eyes.

4. Wyethia

This bright yellow member of the sunflower family offers its own allergy solution. Do you have unbearable itchiness at times in your nose, throat, and mouth? Wyethia, a close cousin of the sunflower, could be your answer. Your symptoms will include dry cough, sneezing, and irritation in the throat. The itchiness is the main thing, and when in the mouth, it’s the kind that you have to cluck your tongue to scratch.

5. Arsenicum Album

This common homeopathic remedy doesn’t sound like medicine, but it is, most commonly used for gastrointestinal problems. As for allergic symptoms, your symptoms will be difficulty breathing, potential asthma, watery discharge from the nose, intensely congested nose, thirst, and chills in cool conditions, and they will all be worse at nighttime. Arsenicum album has some mind connections, too, and can help you get over fear, insecurity, and anxiety.

6. Ambrosia

This treatment for allergies actually utilizes the allergen itself—ragweed. In essence, this works in a way similar to an allergy shot, shooting your body full of what it overreacts to (allergies) in the hope that it recognizes the ragweed as a harmless plant rather than a threat to the body. It is best, obviously, used against hay fever caused by ragweed exposure. The preeminent symptom you’ll have is itchy eyes, which can be wildly frustrating. You’ll also have nasal discharge, and coughing or even wheezing.

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