Six Tips to Better Breathing

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Six Tips to Better BreathingHere I enter the vault of health secrets within Chinese medicine. Here I pull forth six ways you can distribute oxygen efficiently throughout the body. This is essential in maintaining your health, and avoiding what many people believe is the world’s biggest cause of disease: oxygen deficiency.

In Chinese medicine, oxygen is known as “yang” and “Qi.” That makes sense, because there are parallels between these concepts and oxygen: they clear blockages, energize the body, and overcome any stagnant parts of the blood flow. Every cell needs oxygen, and the brain, heart, and liver wouldn’t exist without it.

Here are six ideas to consider when boosting your body’s natural distribution of oxygen.

1. Breathe well: Get your lungs to the kind of air they love to breathe. In busy urban centers, the air quality is lower and the amount of oxygen in the air is around 10%. (As you can see, most of what we breathe is not oxygen.) In rural settings, outside of the hubs, oxygen content is generally around 20%. If you don’t live in a rural area, take frequent trips out there for a hike or a picnic and allow your body to soak up the oxygen.

2. Limit toxins: This comes in the form of limiting meat in your diet, and avoiding big meals. Try to spread out your meals throughout the day, and make them small. (This will also help with anyone looking to drop a few pounds.) The flow of Qi in your body, according to the Chinese, comes through breathing and eating. By eating less, more Qi and oxygen are available in the body.

3. Exercise: Get some physical activity every day to help circulate the flow of blood (and thus oxygen) everywhere in the body.

4. Moderate stress: Try participating in yoga breathing exercises or any relaxation therapy you want to cut down on stress and focus on the intake of oxygen.

5. Consider germanium: This is an element that increases the effect of oxygen in your body. Find it in foods and herbs such as shiitake and reishi mushrooms, garlic, ginseng, aloe vera juice, barley, beans, tomato juice, and chlorella. You can also find germanium supplements.

6. Try hyper-oxidization: These are techniques, such as ozone therapy and hydrogen peroxide therapy, which pump the body with high levels of oxygen. They boost your immunity, but should only be attempted with a doctor’s supervision. They are considered effective for anyone who has a disease caused by severe oxygen deficiency.

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