SodaStream and American Diabetes Association Partner to Promote Calorie-Free Drinks, Healthy Lunch Alternatives

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Newman_061115The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has a new sponsor in its fight against the disease. SodaStream, a popular home soda-making system, has agreed to take part in the Stop Diabetes Initiative, a program lead by the ADA to promote healthier beverage choices among Americans.

SodaStream’s CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, recognizes the need for “alternatives to sugary beverages” and takes pride in the fact that no beverage company has ever partnered with the American Diabetes Association prior to his company: “SodaStream is proud to be the first national beverage company to team up with the American Diabetes Association… We’re extremely humbled and proud that our calorie-free flavors will include the American Diabetes Association’s ‘Stop Diabetes’ logo. We are delighted to be able to address the community of consumers with diabetes with exciting beverages that do not compromise on taste.”

The ADA’s president of healthcare and education, Dr. David Marrero, has expressed his appreciation and excitement in welcoming SodaStream in the ADA’s goals to help educate the American public about the disease that is now the seventh leading cause of death in the country. Approximately 30 million Americans currently have diabetes, with close to 90 million considered to be “prediabetic,” meaning they are at severe risk for type 2 diabetes if they don’t start taking moves to improve their health outcomes.

Dr. Marrero says, “It’s the small everyday decisions that people make that add up to a healthier lifestyle. The American Diabetes Association recommends consumption of zero calorie or very low calorie drinks, with water being the most recommended choice.”

The ADA has chosen November as American Diabetes Month. They have launched the “Eat Well, America” campaign, which is a movement SodaStream will be playing a significant role to support. Specifically, SodaStream will be teaming up to lead the ADA’s “National Healthy Lunch Day” initiative, which takes place on November 17. This initiative aims to promote the accessibility to healthier lunch alternatives, something Americans typically struggle with, especially when picking up lunches on-the-go during a busy workday.

The ADA will be offering tips and guides on how to prepare healthy lunches and ideas on food choices for National Healthy Lunch Day, while SodaStream will be offering healthy drink recipes.

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