Help Stop the Bleeding with These Alternative Remedies

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

One area that homeopathy specializes in is first aid. In this case, bleeding is a first aid-worthy problem. Anything and everything that pricks, slices, cuts, punctures, or rips can cause us to bleed. This story presents six homeopathic remedies you might not have considered.

(Of course, this is all for minor cases of bleeding, not for any situations where considerable amounts of blood have been lost, which require emergency hospital care.)

1. Aconite

A typical member of any homeopathic emergency kit, Aconite is useful for when anxiety, fear, fever, and/or restlessness accompanies the bleeding. The blood is particularly bright and red.

2. Arnica Montana

This is intended to stop minor bleeding both internally and externally It is one of homeopathy’s most-used treatments for bruises, traumas, injuries, and that sort of thing. As a matter of fact if shock and trauma accompany your bleeding wounds, along with possibly bruising, Arnica is a good option. It’s good for nosebleeds that flow from some kind of blow to the nose, or from blowing too hard.

3. Hamamelis Virginica

Also known as witch hazel, Hamamelis is a very effective herb with which to plug hemorrhages and stop bleeding. It is best for wounds or cuts that are bleeding quite a bit. It is particularly useful for nosebleeds. It’s advisable to try Arnica first, and if it fails to stop the flow, try Hamamelis.

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4. Ipecacuanha

This remedy is effective for blood that appears bright red, and is often accompanied by nausea, a feeling of faintness, or breathing difficulties. Your skin may be cold and sweat clings to it. This one is also effective for nosebleeds.

5. Trillium

Some homeopaths believe Trillium excels past other, better-known bleeding remedies. Some advise it for use in nosebleed. It’s good especially if the blood is bright red or very dark. Your symptoms may include coldness in extremities and a weak pulse. Bleeding in your mouth? Apply Trillium tincture to a cotton ball and dab.

6. Phosphorus

This is a very good remedy, especially for nosebleeds with bright red blood that may be gushing. This type of nosebleed isn’t easy to clot. This type of nosebleed lasts longer than usual. You may feel chills, and some fear about the nosebleed itself. Strangely, you will feel a strong urge for thirst to be relinquished only with ice water.