Swearing Is Great for Your Workouts, Study Says

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

swearingIf you’ve been cussing your way through workouts because you don’t like being in the gym, guess what? You could be onto something.

In fact, it may be helping you in a big way. It turns out that one of the secrets to greater power and strength is possibly letting out a few swear words when performing exercise. And hey, it’s not like I’m trying to unlock your potty mouth; this is [*bleep*]ing science talking!

Swearing Linked to Amazing Health Benefits

This actually isn’t the first time swearing has been shown to provide health benefits. Previous studies have suggested that it can increase tolerance to pain and cold, and there’s even a study showing a link between the use of curse words and honesty and intelligence.

But letting a few curse words slip out might be most beneficial when performing exercises. Researchers from Keele University in the United Kingdom recently found that when they instructed participants to both swear and say a neutral word before performing different exercises, they performed significantly better when they swore.

Cuss Words Boost Power and Strength

One group of 29 volunteers completed a brief, high-intensity bike exercise while another group of 52 did an isometric handgrip test. The swear words seemed to increase power and strength in both groups without greater exertion.

Strength and power are extremely important for older individuals. Maintaining muscle mass, and most importantly having good strength, can help prevent osteoporosis and sarcopenia, and limit the chances of a fall or break. And regardless of your age, anything that can give you an edge in strength building is something to take seriously.

It’s still unclear exactly why people become stronger, tougher versions of themselves when they let some questionable language fly, but it likely has something to do with your natural fight-or-flight response. Perhaps letting some foul words out during a stressful moment gets the adrenaline pumping so you can give a little more.

Give Invigorating Cussing a Go!

Now, I get it: You might not be into the idea of liberally belting out foul language. After all, in certain settings, it can be highly unbecoming. But the reality is that curse words are a part of life. And if you’re using them selectively to benefit your health, then what’s the big deal? If there aren’t any kids around, then really, who gives a [*bleep*]?!

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