8 Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Anti-inflammatory foods play a key role in protecting you from disease. They have the ability to strengthen and heal your cells, improve your immune system, and make you less prone to illness. Inflammation is major cause of disease, and it’s at the... Read More
Top 5 Foods for Fighting Inflammation Naturally
Chronic inflammation is a painful condition experienced by millions of Americans. Sometimes, the pain goes unnoticed, but that doesn’t mean inflammation isn’t still there wreaking havoc on your health. Luckily, there are natural ways to fight inf... Read More
Turmeric: The Eastern Key to Dementia Prevention?
Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is becoming an increasing health concern. As the population ages, especially here in the United States, it has the potential to affect millions of lives. The number of people living with the disease increases annual... Read More
Could This Natural Remedy Banish Your Pain?
Sulfur crystals—called MSM or methylsulfonymethane—have been utilized for their benefits in helping the joints. MSM is a natural, organic sulfur compound that burst onto the scene after Dr. Stanley Jacob, working at the Oregon Health Sciences Uni... Read More
The Weird Thing That Fights Prostate Cancer
In honor of Prostate Awareness Month, let’s talk about some new recommendations released this month by Prostate Cancer Canada. The recommendations come on the heels of recent statistics about prostate cancer: one in seven men will get the disease a... Read More
The 1 Thing That Fights Pancreatic Cancer
Here is a flavonoid that you may be unfamiliar with: apigenin. This flavonoid is found in a number of herbs and in celery and artichokes. Herbs high in apigenin include peppermint, parsley, thyme, chamomile, and oregano. Like other flavonoids, apigen... Read More
A Special Drink That Boosts Seniors’ Immunity
Your immune system has a big role to play in safeguarding your health—especially as you get older. But like everything else, your immune system may be slowed down and made less effective by the process of normal aging. If you’re looking for a way... Read More
Adding Seaweed to Your Diet Helps You in Seven Ways
If you don’t want to try seaweed because of what you think it tastes like, you may want to think again. Not only has modern, packaged seaweed become more palatable, but also its health benefits are staggering. Packaged seaweed has a delicious and d... Read More
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