Potential cancer treatment

Optimism Surrounds “Militarizing” T-cells: Potential Treatment for Terminal Cancer
The good news is that the treatment sent roughly 90% of patients with terminal leukemia into remission. The bad news is that it may have killed two and sent others into intensive care. These yet-unpublished findings were presented to the annual meeti... Read More
Neem Extract May Treat Pancreatic Cancer, Says New Research
Pancreatic cancer is considered one of the more difficult conditions to treat. It often presents as a malignant tumor that will spread throughout the body through the blood or lymphatic systems. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin and d... Read More
Cancer Treatment Takes Big Step in Lab Trials
In a new study published in the journal Cancer Cell, researchers observe a different approach to cancer treatment. Instead of focusing on the genetic mutations behind various cancers, researchers are looking at the pathways that cancer cells use for ... Read More
New Treatment Exposes and Kills Cancer Cells
A new study from Johns Hopkins may hold the key to unlocking a revolutionary form of cancer treatment. The research team discovered that cancer hides in cells, making it difficult for your immune system to track it down and slow its progress. They fo... Read More
Once Cancer Treatment is Over, Many Survivors Can Face Another Battle
Making it through cancer treatment and coming out cancer-free is a liberating experience. It’s hard work, it’s physically and emotionally draining, but when it’s all behind you and the cancer is gone, all the hard times were well worth it. Alth... Read More
How to Stop Colorectal Cancer?
Here’s some good news on the cancer front: Toronto researchers think they may be zeroing in on a treatment for colorectal cancer. It all has to do with disarming the gene responsible for allowing colorectal cancer cells to grow and spread. It is th... Read More
A New Way to Predict Cancer
Breast cancer is a very tricky disease to fight—not because it can’t be sent into remission—but because no one is able to predict if and when malignant tumors might reappear. Sometimes a breast cancer survivor’s cancer can come back five year... Read More
Why the “Cancer” Diagnosis Just Doesn’t Always Fit Anymore
For most of us, the word “cancer” is a scary word. No one wants to be told they have cancer. It brings up fears about undergoing long and difficult treatments. It also causes many to think about their mortality, possibly for the first time in the... Read More
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