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Watch the Sugar: Low Carb Diet for Diabetics
Diabetes is, in plainest terms, a chronic disease where you have too much sugar in your blood. Insulin production by the pancreas is a major component of the condition. When you eat, your body converts food into glucose, and the pancreas releases ins... Read More
The Power of Pycnogenol, Part 2
In this second part of my Pycnogenol uses and benefits article, we’ll look at how it might help people with asthma, muscle pain, diabetes and diabetic ulcers. Pycnogenol Benefits #1: Asthma Let’s begin with asthma. Two studies illustrate the poss... Read More
This Common Spice Helps Regulate Blood Sugar
Cinnamon has been in the spotlight for some time now for its potential abilities as a natural diabetes cure. But should this tasty spice, used in cakes, cookies and pies, be considered a food for diabetics? Certainly cinnamon has been shown to have s... Read More
New Complication of Diabetes Discovered
Here we report a health breakthrough in the land of diabetes — which, unfortunately, is a place too many people call home. Diabetes comes with many complications, but its impact on the brain is often overlooked. Until now. Check out the latest ... Read More
Can cumin help reduce diabetes symptoms?
Cumin is a popular spice used in Mexican, Indian, and Middle Eastern cooking. Cumin has a few special powers when it comes to your nutritional health. It can stimulate your digestive enzymes and help you to break down nutrients, so they can be used a... Read More
One Food That Battles the Three Worst Diseases
Okay — more health news on the whole grain front. Hopefully you are already following your doctor’s advice to eat more whole grains. That means less white rice and white bread and more brown rice and buckwheat bread. And we’ve been ... Read More
Another Health Concern for Diabetics
Some doctors’ health advice for all those with type 2 diabetes: protect yourself from heart attacks and stroke by increasing your levels of HDL cholesterol. That’s the good kind. The new study is just published in the “American Jour... Read More
How to Use the Glycemic Index to Your Advantage
Two health conditions that go hand-in-hand are type 2 diabetes and obesity. On both fronts, the glycemic index (GI) comes into play. Let’s look at how you can use GI ratings for foods to your benefit in these areas. 1. GI and Diabetes Many stud... Read More
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