Diabetes Risk

Type 2 Diabetes Risk & Global Warming: What’s the Link?
If you thought global warming was simply a myth or only affected the environment, you might be surprised to discover that a study has found it can also affect our health. Specifically, the effects of a warming earth have been linked to an increase in... Read More
Your Neighborhood May Influence Your Diabetes Risk
I’m sure there were all kinds of factors that played a role in your decision to live where you do. But other than locating the closest hospital, did you ever consider how your neighborhood might affect your health? Where you live can play a huge ro... Read More
Why You Might Be Tired after Eating
Getting tired after eating is a pretty normal occurrence for many of us, especially after eating a heavy meal loaded with carbohydrates. Simple carbs (white flour, white potatoes, sugar) are notorious for making people feel very tired after eating an... Read More
Reduce Your Risk for Diabetes by Eating a Big Breakfast
If you want to reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes, control your snacking, and just feel better, I’d like you to try something new for the next three days: eat breakfast. Now, I’m not talking just any breakfast; I’m talking high-protein. Eggs ... Read More
How Working the Night Shift Increases Your Diabetes Risk
If you’ve ever worked a night shift, you know how tough it can be. There are the obvious challenges of being awake and at work while the rest of the world sleeps—obviously the world is set up for people to be awake during the day. If you want to ... Read More
Where You Live May Lower Your Risk for Diseases
Here’s a way to keep healthy that you might not have considered. It isn’t following a diet or exercising like a maniac. All it involves is living in a neighborhood that’s walkable. What does a walkable neighborhood look like? In means that when... Read More
3 Fruits That Can Slash Your Diabetes Risk
Fruits have been promoted for their ability to help lower the risk for a number of health conditions. Fruits such as apples, grapes, and blueberries are full of special phytonutrients like flavonoids and anthocyanins that help fight disease at the ce... Read More