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Try This Herbal Treatment for Nausea
No doubt about it, nausea is one of the most unpleasant sensations on the planet. There are few things worse than feeling queasy to the point where you have to vomit. A lot of remedies have been suggested over the years to combat nausea, including ov... Read More
A “Minty” Way to Fight Hay Fever
A close cousin of the well-known plant mint is “perilla.” It is referred to by some as “Chinese basil” and in many Asian countries adds flavors to dishes and color to backyard gardens. And this herbal cure can take down dreadful hay fever. Pe... Read More
The Final Verdict on Echinacea
I’ve written quite a bit about this herbal cure, particularly in my newsletter, the Vitamin Doctor. But in truth, echinacea can be awfully confusing. Some evidence says it works, other studies say no way. Some people swear by it, some find no value... Read More
The Natural Alternative to Antibiotics
Many people use echinacea to fight cold and flu symptoms. The herb has been heavily promoted as an herbal remedy that effectively zaps cold and flu bugs. But herbalists from the American Herbalist Guild say that echinacea has an even stronger talent ... Read More
Use This Common Herb for Clearer Thinking
Here’s some health advice for those of you who are starting to have a little trouble with your memory: try drinking an herbal tea made from sage. Sage is that popular herb that helps to make Thanksgiving dinner a delicious one. But the herb also ha... Read More
Indian Plant May Kill Cancer Cells
Scientists believe they have unearthed a new herbal cure in the fight against cancer. Gedunin, a plant from India, may help kill cancer cells. Gedunin has long been used by Indian medicinal healers to treat fever, malaria and inflammation. Now we kno... Read More
Menopause Symptoms: Herbal Remedy That Can Help
For many women, menopause can feel like a Pandora’s box of symptoms has just been unleashed on their lives. Mood swings, hot flashes and a confused brain are just some of the health complaints that can occur mid-life. For those who want to avoid ta... Read More
How to Fight the Rising Tide of Glaucoma
A new study says there are 22% more people with glaucoma in the United States than there were a decade ago. This disease targets your vision, damaging the eye’s optic nerve and slowly progressing to blindness. But here I lay out for you some supple... Read More
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