Insomnia Treatments That Can Help

Sleep Deprivation: Eat Your Way to a Good Night’s Rest!
We all know that you shouldn’t be drinking a cup of coffee right before bed because it will keep you awake and result in sleep deprivation. Well, what about foods that will do the opposite and help you fall asleep faster and more easily? Are you su... Read More
10 Home Remedies for Sleep Deprivation (Insomnia) in Single Moms
Sleep deprivation is not uncommon for single moms. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly normal for single moms to experience the effects of sleep deprivation or insomnia as they work to adequately care for their children. Sleep deprivation or insomn... Read More
Tai Chi Reduces Inflammation: Can It Prevent Cancer, Stroke & Heart Disease?
Let’s face it; we’re all aging. We all experience this inevitable part of life every day through common ailments such as stress, insomnia, and joint pain. But what if I told you there was something you could do to treat all of them at once…... Read More
How Insomnia Can Increase the Risk of High Blood Pressure
Sleep is important. It will leave you feeling refreshed the next morning, improve your productivity and concentration, as well as assist in repairing your heart and blood vessels. But are you aware that people who suffer from insomnia and sleep depri... Read More
How Binaural Beats May Be Effective Against Insomnia
Insomnia can be an aggravating and stressful condition that leads to restless nights and exhausted mornings. Numerous methods exist for treating insomnia, from folk remedies to pharmaceuticals. A good middle ground between old wives tales and chemica... Read More
Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Fixing the 5 Biggest Sleep Thieves
Getting a good night’s sleep seems to be increasingly difficult these days. And if you’re over 65, there’s a very real chance it is. The good news is that you can sleep better by paying attention to a few simple factors that attribute to sleep ... Read More
Popular Sleep Myths Debunked!
For whatever reason, sleep tends to get a bad rap. For one reason or another, people don’t think they need it, consider it a waste of time, or feel that it really isn’t a top priority when they’re still younger. After all, you’ll have all kin... Read More
Finally! The Solution to Your Sleepless Nights
Menopause is a natural turning point in a woman’s life. Levels of hormones are slowly adjusted in the female body to acknowledge the end of the child-bearing years. And while women may no longer be able to remain fertile and conceive a baby, life c... Read More
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