Six Natural Remedies for an Earache
Earaches are a very common nuisance, and can be the source of a lot of pain and irritation. Here are seven top homeopathic remedies to help take the pain away. RECOMMENDED: Does Ear Candling Work? 1. “Chamomilla:” This soothing herbal rem... Read More
Chamomile: Not Just a Soothing Tea
Chamomile is best known as a food cure when consumed in tea form. It is said to soothe the stomach, help you sleep better and calm the nerves. But no plant remedy transcends the disciplines of herbal medicine and homeopathy more obviously than chamom... Read More
What You Eat May Be Making You Cranky
There is something colloquially called the “Twinkie defense.” This loosely means that the sugar rush from the snack food temporarily made someone a little hostile. But a new study out of California suggests there may actually be a link. The h... Read More