6 Most Effective Pressure Points for Headache Pain Relief
Headaches are one of the most universal types of pain that affects us. They can affect people of any age, and they can also range in their level of pain. Some feel like a minor throbbing, while others are much more severe. For example, migraines are ... Read More
Natural Remedies to Help Treat Headaches and Migraines
The pain of migraines and constant headaches is unbearable. Unfortunately, I used to know this all too well—that is until I created a list of natural cures to help treat my headaches. You see, there were times when I’d get an annoying little head... Read More
4 Natural Ways to Prevent Migraines
A headache can be a real pain, to put it mildly. Maybe you’re at the office trying to get some important work done or you’re just about to enjoy an afternoon at home when you feel the beginnings of a headache coming on. Your temples start to thro... Read More
The Great Natural Pain-Reliever
Yoga has been heavily promoted in health news for its ability to ease the mind and provide relief from stress. But yoga is also garnering rave reviews when it comes to boosting physical health. With increasing frequency, studies are appearing online ... Read More
The Intriguing Link Between Lightning and Headaches
Weather has long been a suspected culprit for the onset of migraines, and a new study adds to that notion. University of Cincinnati researchers have found that lightning may help trigger a migraine, or even a regular headache. This is the first study... Read More
Try This Chinese Healing Technique for a Better Life
“Qi” is the essence of life that flows through nature and our bodies. Most of Chinese medicine is fixated at realigning the flow of Qi to restore health. One type of massage that is very popular, and very soothing is called “Tui Na.... Read More
Four More Benefits of Magnesium
Did you know that the unheralded magnesium helps with diabetes, migraine headaches, asthma and pregnancy problems? This third part of my series will help you understand how it might work for you.  1. Diabetes A low magnesium blood level is often fou... Read More
A Potential Herbal Remedy for Migraines
Migraines, though not considered a serious illness, can nevertheless be debilitating. It can be very difficult to do anything but lie in bed when this type of headache pain strikes. Although some over-the-counter pain drugs may offer some pain relief... Read More
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