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Avoid Surgery, Fight Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain Naturally
If you’ve got osteoarthritis, you know that the pain makes life extremely difficult. Performing your job or housework, getting dressed, or even holding your grandchildren becomes a painful ordeal—if it’s even possible. Last weekend, I was at my... Read More
Ease Tension Headaches with These Helpful Hints
Tension headaches are annoying. They don’t cause the severe pain of a migraine or illness-related headache, but they make life more difficult. Simple tasks like finishing a day of work, hanging out with friends, doing groceries, or simply enjoying ... Read More
How to Naturally Prevent Back Pain
Today I’m moving. I’ve moved so many times in my life I’ve lost count. I’m not looking forward to it for several reasons, but because of some tricks I’ve learned along the way, back pain isn’t one of those reasons. For many people like me... Read More
Three Hand Exercises for Joint Pain Relief
If you suffer from osteoarthritis pain, you’re likely well aware that one of the worst places for flare-ups is in your hands. It’s not only painful, but it’s extremely frustrating and greatly lowers a person’s quality of life. It makes simple... Read More
How to Beat Neck Pain and Get Back to Enjoying Life
It might be pretty easy to list all the things in your life that are a pain in your neck: your neighbors, your boss, your daily commute, and even occasionally your mother-in-law. But none of these are worse than having a literal pain in your neck. Ne... Read More
The Natural Treatment Proven Most Effective Against Fibromyalgia Symptoms
If your doctor has ever told you that you may have fibromyalgia, or if you’ve been given prescription pills to treat the symptoms of this chronic disease, you’ll want to read this article. Fibromyalgia is a chronic, inflammatory condition affecti... Read More
Fight Pain Over the Phone
If you suffer chronic pain, it might be time to dial up some pain relief. Speaking to someone over the telephone is certainly not one of the most-talked-about pain relief techniques out there, but a new study says that it could lead to excellent resu... Read More
An Amazing New Way to Reduce Pain
Natural health cures for pain don’t get more natural than this, in the sense that it’s just nature, the nature of your own mind, at work. A new study has found an intriguing method of reducing the pain you feel. You simply look at your bo... Read More
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