Preventing Heart Attack

Bad Relationships Can Damage Your Heart
Surely, some of you have found yourself arguing constantly with your husband or wife or being around a couple that seems to drive each other crazy. Everybody knows people like that, raising questions about why or how these couples can possibly stay t... Read More
Yoga Could Help Treat Heart Disease
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America. It takes the lives of about 2,200 people every day. Approximately 84 million people have a cardiovascular disease—whether it is heart failure, heart attack, arrhythmia, stroke, or heart val... Read More
Depression Could Be Eating Away at Your Heart Health
There’s no question there are societal pressures on women. The images in the media are a constant reminder to look younger, slimmer, and sexier. This often creates questions about a woman’s beauty, worth, and place in society. For some, these ima... Read More
Can Halloween Candy Protect Your Memory?
It’s Halloween and that means one thing: you’re probably going to eat some chocolate. I know I will; I absolutely love the stuff! And while we all worry about dentist bills (just remember to brush) and excess calories, here’s some good news: ch... Read More
Anti-Inflammatories Effective Treatment for Diabetes?
Statins have long been recognized as a way to fight the effects of high cholesterol. But according to a new study from Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, statins may also aid patients with diabetes. The drugs have long been used to lower bloo... Read More
Can Cancer Treatments Put Your Heart at Risk?
It’s fairly well known that undergoing cancer treatment isn’t easy on your body. Most people who endure chemotherapy or radiation struggle through the treatment and recovery processes, as they are severely weakened, often unable to do little more... Read More
Your Hard Work Is Paying Off!
Last week, USA Today reported that hospitalizations and deaths related to heart disease, stroke, heart attacks, and other heart-related problems have dropped substantially in the past 15 years. And with no single breakthrough or blockbuster drug to t... Read More
A Lifesaving Reason Not to Skimp on Flossing and Mouthwash
I have to tell you that when I read reports linking oral bacteria to heart attacks, I tend to be quite skeptical to say the least—especially when the health practitioners who could benefit the most from this information seem to be taking this new d... Read More
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