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A Scary Correlation: Smoking and Loss of Mobility
You likely don’t need another reason to quit smoking. Surely, the lung cancer, emphysema, heart problems, and other known health impacts are enough. But if they aren’t, here’s just one more good reason to quit: smoking can make it harder for yo... Read More
Four Things You Need to Do to Live Longer
I think it is fair to suggest that most people want to live longer lives, so it only stands to reason that they’re interested in ways to do just that. Unfortunately, there are also a great many folks who have paid extravagant amounts of money for t... Read More
E-Cigarettes: Safe or a Killer in Disguise?
Over the past few years, there’s been a rapid increase in the use of e-cigarettes. I’ve seen people puffing on them at parties and in restaurants, shopping malls, and just about everywhere else. In fact, just the other week, here in the office, w... Read More
Ex-Smokers: How to Prevent a Relapse
A new health breakthrough may help smokers trying to quit to understand what situations send them hurtling toward relapse. More than 1,200 people die in the United States every day from smoking-related illnesses. Older studies show that drinking alco... Read More
Keep Your Kids and Grandkids Away from This
Maybe you know by now that smoking is not good for your health, despite the perks that advertising constantly promises to those who light up. So you don’t smoke—great! But many of us have friends that do, and this can be a problem. Secondhand smo... Read More
Smoking Can Be the Cause of Many Sleep Problems
If you’re a smoker, here’s more motivation to quit—lighting up during the day could be keeping you awake at night. Researchers at the University Medical Center Freiburg in Germany conducted an eye-opening study in which they compared the qualit... Read More
More Motivation to Help You Quit Smoking
If you smoke, you’re probably already looking for a way to quit. While the evidence that smoking is harmful has taken on mountainous proportions, many people can’t seem to shake the habit. To get a better idea of how and why people quit, a new st... Read More
How to Live Longer, Healthier
A major new piece of health news paints a motivational picture regarding tobacco. It is never too late to quit smoking. Even at an older age, smoking cessation is linked with reduced mortality. Meanwhile, continuing to smoke is still linked to mortal... Read More
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