Why Taking a Day Off’s Essential to Good Health

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Why Taking a Day Off’s Essential to Good HealthHere’s a newsflash for you: the world can function just fine without you. Now, it might not be able to run as smoothly for more than a week or so without your involvement, but don’t worry; if you want to take a day or even a week off, you deserve that time, and things will move forward.

Though it’s contrary to what many of us have been told over the years, rest is essential for your success, health, and mental well-being. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the stress, action, work, and other parts of life that rest seems like it’s less of a priority and more of a luxury. (Believe me, I know the feeling!) People are constantly reminded to be productive, efficient, and always in action to the point where taking a day off, sitting in the park, or going on vacation seem like something fit for a penalty.

But you know what? You’re overworked. As an American, you typically have longer workdays, less vacation, and more stress than a lot of other people living elsewhere in the world.

When you get rest, you actually become more positive and productive. Taking time to rest your mind and body allows you to come back and approach tasks with a clearer head and fresher perspective.

People get so used to feeling run-down that it’s hard to remember what feeling well-rested and normal is even like. I recommend taking full advantage of the time off offered by your employer—take sick days when you’re feeling physically or mentally off-balance and be sure to take your vacation time to relax. On your days off, try not to think about work and try to prevent yourself from checking your e-mail.

I also recommend spending some weekends doing nothing but resting, lazing around, and recharging. If you work out and live an active life, take a day or two off per week from your regular exercise to let your body recover. Rest is essential to every aspect of your life.

Taking time away from your job or the gym won’t sabotage your career, health, or success. Life will continue on as normal. In fact, it will be better for everybody. Your body and mind will have the opportunity to recover and come back stronger, meaning you can achieve even more success while keeping good health.

Now go relax and enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it.

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