The Best Tool to Fight Gingivitis

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Here’s the secret to healthy teeth and gumsIt’s time to let you in on a health secret than can affect your teeth and gums. In recent health news, there has been a lot of talk about which toothbrush can do the best job of keeping plaque and gingivitis under control. And while each toothbrush manufacturer aggressively markets its product as the best, there’s been very little scientific evidence to help you—the consumer—make an informed decision. Well, here’s some much-needed clinical evidence courtesy of the researchers at the Procter & Gamble Health Care Research Center in Ohio.

There, researchers assessed the ability of a new multidirectional power toothbrush to control plaque and gingivitis when compared to a basic power toothbrush. For the trial, 128 participants were divided into two groups: the novel, multidirectional power toothbrush (the “Oral-B TriZone”) group or the control group, which used a standard sonic toothbrush (“Philips Sonicare FlexCare”).

After a supervised brushing at the Health Care Research Center, the participants were sent home to continue their brushing regimen. Each participant was urged to brush at home twice daily with the assigned test brush and standard fluoride toothpaste. After eight weeks, the participants were brought back to the Health Center to determine the effectiveness of both toothbrushes.

The research team found that after eight weeks of brushing, the novel multidirectional power brush consistently produced significantly superior anti-gingivitis and anti-plaque reductions relative to pre-treatment versus the sonic control brush. There was a 30% drop in gingivitis and a 77% reduction in plaque.

Follow this health advice and opt for a newer multidirectional brush the next time you purchase a toothbrush.

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The Best Tool to Fight Gingivitis
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