The Brazilian Pain-Killing Secret You Can Use, Too

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Brazilian herb could hold the answer to fighting arthritis pain.Arthritis pain affects millions of people worldwide. No one knows exactly why arthritis is such a prevalent and disruptive condition in so many people’s lives. There are all kinds of different theories.

Some medical professionals suggest the disease is based in genetics—if your parents had it, you’ll likely get it, too. Others suggest our polluted world is the culprit, citing that many chemical toxins trigger chronic inflammation in the human body. Whatever the answer to the origins of arthritis, one thing is clear: getting relief from painful inflammation is the top priority. With that in mind, here’s an herb that could help banish the pain of arthritis. It’s called “murici pequeno” by locals, and it grows in the Brazilian Cerrado.

When researchers at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Federal University of Brazil recently studied murici pequeno, they discovered some promising results when it comes to combating arthritis.

The research team investigated the anti-inflammatory effects of the herb in an animal study. Rats experiencing paw pain and inflammation were given doses of murici pequeno. The researchers found that the herb clearly demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects by reducing paw swelling. The herb also seemed to take the edge off any pain symptoms the rats were experiencing. The researchers concluded that murici pequeno may be useful in the treatment of inflammatory disorders, such as arthritis. This backs up the traditional use of the herb by locals.

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The Brazilian Pain-Killing Secret You Can Use, Too
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