The Buzz About Homeopathy and Bees

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The Buzz About Homeopathy and BeesThe bee has a long history of being a valuable source of health to humans: natural honey, propolis, royal jelly, and other byproducts of bees contribute to our overall vitality. Not to mention they pollinate our flowers and govern our agriculture. Well, they are part of homeopathy too, here in the form of “Apis Mellifica,” and its powers are amazing.

Apis Mellifica is a remedy that is made from the sting of an everyday bee. If Apis is the remedy for you, it will show in some of the emotional symptoms that may be present. They are tied straight to the bees themselves — these busy insects are restless, irritable, angry at interference, and sensitive to heat.

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But Apis treats more than a sting or a bite. It flows into the land of allergies and problems with your throat, eyes and ears. Here’s a breakdown of what it could treat and the accompanying characteristics:

1. Bites: A premium remedy for bites and stings that burn, itch, swell up, and turn red. We’re talking primarily about insect bites. Apis is great for a skin reaction that is quite nasty, with a swollen, red lump. You feel better with a cold compress and worse with anything warm.

2. Cystitis: The symptoms involve bathroom trips; you have a constant desire to urinate and it burns and stings when you do so. When blood is present in the urine, it’s okay to take Apis, but get some professional help as well. Only small amounts of urine are passed each time.

3. Hives, Allergies: Allergic reactions can be lessened with Apis. This mostly consists of skin problems, particularly hives that are accompanied by sweating, fever, and worse at night.

4. Sore throat: Your mouth is dry and the throat doesn’t just ache; it burns. Your throat is red and, in spite of the dryness, you have no thirst.

5. Ear and Eye Symptoms: Apis works for stinging earaches that usually begin on the right side, are worse in heat, and tend to go with a sore throat. It’s also good for inflamed eyes that burn, sting, and feel sore. The eyelids are swollen, whites are red, and symptoms are worse around heat.

As you can see, physical complaints involve a lot of burning, stinging pain. That’s because the remedy produces such symptoms in a normal setting. There always seems to be a lack of thirst, some unusual clumsiness, and a face that is a bit swollen.

Late afternoon tends to be the most uncomfortable time of day. You feel better when moving around or anything cold (air, water, etc.). Emotionally-speaking, Apis people tend to be restless, irritable, fearful, easily brought to tears, and apathetic.