The Cell Phone: Blessing or Burden? Dangerous or Safe?

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Cell phones emit radio waves, which is where the debate over the safety of the devices begins (driving while talking aside). It has been purported that these waves could lead to brain tumors or various forms of head and neck cancer. While there has been no concrete study to prove the link, the debate continues to escalate.

 In fact, a number of studies have shown that there is no risk. The debate, however, is being further fueled, as health officials won’t provide a definitive answer in terms of the safety of cell phone use.

 However, a new study out of Denmark could put a stop to the debate over the dangers of cell phones — at least when it comes to your health.

 The study tracked over 400,000 cell phone users; one- quarter of those had owned a phone for at least 10 years and some have had the device for upward of 20 years.

 Matching these records to the Cancer Registry — which keeps a record of every single person diagnosed with cancer in the country — the study found that those individuals who chatted on a cell phone were not any more likely to develop cancer than those people who steered clear of the contraption were.

 Because of the detailed records kept by Copenhagen’s Danish Cancer Society, this is said to be “the strongest study out there” on cell phone use and its link to cancer.

 Despite these recent findings, it’s likely the debate will continue. Never fear, however — the researchers are bound and determined to continue tracking cell phone use and cancer statistics to find out what happens when people use cell phones for 30-plus years.

 In the meantime, it seems that the risk is at the very least minimal, if not nonexistent, based on this large study.