The Chinese Answer to Cholesterol

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high cholesterolTraditional Chinese Medicine marches to the beat of a different drummer than Western medicine, so it has different ideas about high cholesterol and what natural remedies you can use to lower it. On that note, let’s take a look at health secrets from the Far East.

A Chinese practitioner will do a thorough diagnosis to see what may be causing you to have high cholesterol. There are many ideas, which include problems with “yin” and “yang” in your organs, a stagnated flow of “Qi,” excessive phlegm or dampness, or weakness in the spleen and stomach. Along with important dietary changes, they might prescribe some herbs and perhaps a regimen of

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Here are the top seven Chinese treatments:

1. Red Yeast: Researchers have used a herbal treatment for cholesterol successfully, with the main ingredient being red yeast. During the study, patients stopped taking all other medications. In 71 people, 29 had significant improvement in cholesterol levels, 36 showed progress, and just six had no response. The effectiveness rate was about 92%.

2. “Zhi Xiao Yin:” This formula has 10 different items in it. In 35 patients, 21 had improvement, 11 had progress, and three had no response. In a second study with 40 people, the numbers were 22, 13, and five. This proved very effective.

3. Gingko: One of the oldest plants in the world, the ginkgo tree is frequently used in Chinese medicine. One study found that the leaves of the herb lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels. You can find them in any Asian store, or herbal shop, most likely in the dried form.

4. “Clear Vessel:” This herbal concoction has proven abilities to lower cholesterol. It contains about 15 different herbs, all of which work in specific ways and with each other to clear dampness, clear away heat, nourish the blood, and strengthen those organs that are weakened.

5. “Luo Bu Ma:” Like ginkgo, the leaves of the Luo Bu Ma plant are used as a treatment for high cholesterol. It’s also called “Apocynum venetum” leaf. Several studies have found it lowers cholesterol, including one in which 76% of patients had reduced levels.

6. Acupuncture: In one study, researchers alternated between two groups of acupuncture points every day with 10 sessions comprising one course of treatment. They discovered that 73 people out of 82 successfully lowered cholesterol — all through acupuncture! That equals an 82% effectiveness rate.

7. “Tian Hua Fen:” The root of a plant called “Trichosanthes” is known in Chinese medicine as Tian Hua Fen. In a study, researchers found that 100% of 30 patients lowered their cholesterol while taking it, and 84% also lowered triglycerides.