The Drink That Helps Protect Against Skin Cancer

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The Drink That Helps Protect Against Skin CancerSpring is here and warm summer weather is not far away. Most of us herald the arrival of summer with a sigh of relief, especially if it has been preceded by a long and cold winter. Summer is a great time to get outdoors for all sorts of activities, from cycling, to concert-going, to eating and drinking outside on the patio at your local restaurant. One of the downsides from all these pleasant activities is the possibility of getting too much sun exposure.

Sunburns and too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation can up your risk for skin cancer. You’ll want to make sure you take some precautions. Wear sunblock when you are going to be out in the full sun for any length of time. Once the summer sun is full strength, consider wearing long sleeves. There are many lightweight long-sleeved shirts that are now designed specifically to keep the sun off your arms, but also keep you cool. In fact, some shirts now have UV protection added right to the fabric.

One other thing you can do is to make sure your diet is full of healing foods. Healing foods are great for cancer prevention. They are full of antioxidants and other healthful nutrients that could help stop cancer cells from growing and spreading.

One such healing food is green tea. U.S. researchers have recently studied this popular drink for its ability to protect your skin. For the last several decades, they note, the consumption of dietary phytochemicals has been linked to numerous health benefits. And green tea could contain special phytochemicals that could offer protection against UV radiation.

The research team performed a clinical trial to find out how green tea performed when it came to polyphenols and skin protection. They discovered that topical application or oral administration of green tea through the drinking water of mice prevents UVB-induced skin tumor development. This preventative ability of green tea is due to the rapid repair of DNA triggered by green tea’s polyphenols.

Before you head out into the sun in earnest this summer, try to make a cup of green tea part of your breakfast — not only could you lower your chances for skin cancer, but you could also be fighting off other dangerous cancers.

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