The Four Foods You Should NEVER Eat

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The Four Foods You Should NEVER EatAs you get older, let’s face it — your body is just a little less resilient. It doesn’t bounce back the way it used to. When you injure a muscle, it takes twice as long to heal. When you get that flu bug that’s been going around, instead of bouncing back to good health in a week, symptoms linger for a month.

All of these changes take place because your body becomes less efficient at dealing with threats. This is especially so if you don’t eat foods that are nutritious. When you were 21 and you short-changed yourself when it came to vitamins, minerals and other healing nutrients, you probably didn’t suffer much. In fact, you may not have noticed at all! But now, eat foods empty of calories and you’ll likely feel the effects right away — whether it’s a lack of energy, coming down with a bug, or just feeling generally “under the weather.”

With that in mind, here’s some nutrition advice in the form of four foods you should try to avoid:

1. Soda. It’s been proven that sweetened soft drinks are bad for your health for a number of reasons. They up your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

2. Fried foods. These foods are full of all the wrong kinds of fats. Opt for grilled or broiled foods instead, adding a little of olive oil (an amazing healing food) when basting.

3. White bread and white rice. These two processed foods simply don’ have enough nutrition when it comes to maintaining an older body. It’s time to switch to whole-grain breads and brown rice. Take things a step further and try eating bread that’s yeast- and/or gluten-free. Many report a miraculous improvement in symptoms and health complaints when these two substances are dropped out of the diet for a while.

4. White, refined sugar. White sugar can play havoc with your immune system, leaving you susceptible to viruses and bacterial infections. Help your immune system be a strong defender by using honey, molasses, or maple syrup as an occasional sweetener. When you leave white sugar out of your meals, you’ll also notice your food cravings should settle down.

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