The Great Natural Pain-Reliever

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Yoga is useful for the body and the mindYoga has been heavily promoted in health news for its ability to ease the mind and provide relief from stress. But yoga is also garnering rave reviews when it comes to boosting physical health. With increasing frequency, studies are appearing online that show yoga is useful for the body, too, and not just the mind.

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Now here’s a new take on yoga as therapy: it may play a significant role in helping to ease the pain symptoms associated with some common physical disorders.

Researchers at the Witten/Herdecke University in Germany recently conducted a review of yoga interventions for pain associated with disability. They found the following:

• Six studies where yoga was used to treat patients with back pain

• Two studies where yoga was used to treat rheumatoid arthritis

• Two studies where yoga was used to treat patients with headache/migraine

• And six studies where yoga was used to treat various other conditions

The research team concluded there was evidence that yoga may be useful for several pain-associated disorders. They even stated that short-term interventions might also be effective.

If you’ve been suffering from pain due to a disabling condition, such as arthritis, back pain or chronic migraines, give yoga a try. It won’t cause any side effects and shouldn’t cost any money either.

Remember to approach yoga exercises gently at first, until you have built up your flexibility and strength.

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The Great Natural Pain-Reliever
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