The Herbal Remedy That Can Help Fight Two Health Issues

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Health IssuesCandida can sure cause a lot of problems for a seemingly innocent-looking substance.

This yeast, known formally in medical circles as “Candida albicans,” is naturally present in your body. It lives in the mucous membranes of your mouth and your intestinal tract. This is perfectly normal and healthy.

However, because North Americans often consume a diet high in sugars, which help candida to thrive, this opportunistic yeast can invade your body in larger numbers than it should.

How to Prevent Overgrowth of Candida

There are a number of ways to fight an overgrowth of candida, including antifungal therapy with drugs. But one natural remedy, touted in recent health news, comes in the form of an herbal treatment: ginseng.

Ginseng is a herb that’s known for its energy-enhancing abilities. Now researchers at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine have discovered that ginseng may also be able to fend off candida and boost immune function.

The research team evaluated the effects of an extract of ginseng against “Candida albicans” infection in a special breed of mice. These mice, according to the researchers, are highly susceptible to candida infection. A ginseng extract was added to their drinking water for two days before, and for the remainder of, the study. The mice were evaluated for morbidity, mortality, candida infection, and
concentrations of inflammatory substances called “cytokines.”

The researchers found that ingestion of the ginseng extract did not significantly affect overall morbidity or mortality. However, ingestion of the extract was associated with significantly lower markers of candida. The researchers also found the mice showed significantly lower concentrations of inflammatory cytokines in the kidneys and blood.

They concluded that their findings add on to and support previous reports of the beneficial effects of ginseng against candida. This is accomplished by significant reductions in infectious load and some markers of inflammation.

Candida can cause a lot of health problems for you, from chronic infections, to fatigue and trouble digesting food. To learn more about candida and how to keep it in check, click read the article A Tiny Yeast That Can Cause You a Lot of Big Problems.