The Homeopathic Painkiller

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Homeopathic AspirinHere is a health secret from the annals of homeopathy that is well-known for its pain-fighting abilities. To the point where many in the know regard it as “homeopathic aspirin.” Today, we go over the kinds of pain that “Magnesia Phosphorica” can help to soothe.

There is a ton of magnesium in our body. The amount of responsibilities it has is enormous, and the chemical element is closely connected to the nervous system and muscles. Magnesia Phosphorica is commonly taken for minor pains and aches. Its biggest role is in reducing the pain of cramps.

It is made from the mix of magnesium sulphate and sodium phosphate, diluted in water. And here is what it treats best (including the accompanying symptoms):

1. Cramps:The kind that fire away in the arm, finger, hand, wrist, or abdomen. The latter is often right-sided, appearing and disappearing quickly. It will include bloating and flatulence, and it will feel better for heat and worse for cool. Cramps in the hands caused by overuse can be treated with this remedy.

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2. Headache: Mostly on the ride side, these headaches carry a shooting, spastic pain. They can spread over the head, settling over the right eye. Face pain may be included, with possible redness. Better for heat and pressure.

3. Earache: The same type of pain described for a headache also appears here. Tends to be caused by cold wind and is better for heat.

4. Toothache: A dull pain, throbbing, relieved by putting something warm on your mouth.

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5. Muscle pain: Possibly nerve-related, the pain can appear anywhere in the body. It’s sharp, cramping pain. Muscles can be stiff and numb, and feel as if you can’t control them that well.

Now, the next question is, who will this remedy work for best?

Homeopathic aspirin is known to treat minor aches and pains. As mentioned, the biggest symptom Magnesia Phosphorica treats is cramps, although it’s good for any of the pains you see listed above.

It is most effective for people who tend to restless and impulsive. There is a lack of concentration and some forgetfulness. These are sensitive, often artistic people who are liable to get nervous, fatigued, and moody at times. There is a strong sensitivity to cold — this makes the pain worse in every case. Heat makes the symptoms lessen. You might crave sugar and be averse to coffee.