A Little-Known Homeopathic Remedy That Can Help Relieve Pain

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low back painHere is a homeopathic remedy that has a great ring to it. Kind of sounds like an eastern European city: “Dulcamara.” This is an excellent homeopathic remedy to battle symptoms of pain, as well as hives and symptoms of a common cold. Let’s take a look.

Some quick notes first. The root and stem of this shrubby plant tastes bitter at first, then sweet. Throughout history, Dulcamara has proved a cure-all, as it’s been used for a flurry of different conditions. Some reliable abilities included lowering a fever and treating inflammatory diseases. The remedy in homeopathy is made from the stems and leaves.

What could it help you treat?

— Joint pain: Here, it is joint pain linked to sleeping in damp conditions. You feel better for movement, and worse when sitting. Symptoms tend to flare up at night.

— Low-back pain: Let’s get more specific and target low-back pain, far and away one of the most common complaints to enter a doctor’s office. Dulcamara is good for aches, soreness, bruises, and general pain afflicting the lower back. Pain or aches might arise due to weather changes, damp conditions, or getting cold/wet. Symptoms are worse in wet weather and you feel better for moving

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— Hives: This type of lumpy skin rash may have occurred during a spell of cold weather. It burns after you scratch it. Worse in heat or after exercise (which makes it hot).

— Other: Here are some other symptoms that Dulcamara might battle: cough (damp weather, common cold); swollen eyes (common cold); flu; and cystitis.

What type of person will benefit most?

As usual in homeopathy, there is a profile assigned to each remedy. The closer the profile matches the type of person you are, the more likely the remedy will be effective for you. People who could benefit from Dulcamara catch a cold pretty easily, and symptoms arise often during changes in the weather. Damp and cold weather is a continual problem. They love to sit wrapped in a blanket during cold weather. Symptoms are worse at night, especially when lying down or sitting still. Clearly, moving about makes things better. Any emotional or mental symptoms are not strong here. You could feel irritable, mildly depressed, restless, or confused.