This Diet Can Help Shed Pounds in a Healthy Way

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Regardless of calories and carbs, fatty foods put on poundsIf you’re counting calories and avoiding carbs to lose weight, you may also want to keep an eye on your fat intake.

A recent review, underwritten by the World Health Organization, investigated the relationship between fat intake and weight.

The research team assessed 33 different studies from 10 developed countries, involving 73,589 people. They compared those who ate low-fat diets to those who had more common levels of fat in their diets. They found that keeping a diet lower in fat reduces body weight by an average 3.5 pounds and can trim the waist by half a centimeter over six months. Additionally, each one-percent drop in energy from total fat was equal to a half-pound loss in body weight. They determined that the reduced weight was directly due to a lower fat intake, and was not tied to exercise or support.

Reducing fat intake was linked to drops in cholesterol and blood pressure as well. So, while we should keep considering the impact of calories and carbohydrates, if you are serious about shedding pounds slowly over the long term, choose low-fat foods.

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This Diet Can Help Shed Pounds in a Healthy Way
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