Top Six Homeopathic Remedies for This Painful Symptom

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A burning sensation while urinating is a frustrating and relatively common symptom. Sometimes there is a hidden cause, sometimes not.

Here we look at the top six remedies from homeopathy, a member of the alternative health category. Read closely for a description that sounds up your alley.

1. Cantharis

When you are urinating, you feel a rather intense pain, is as if the urine stream is scalding you on the way out. Cantharis is the most common herbal remedy for acute painful urination. Along with the pain, you have strong urges to urinate frequently, which means you have many painful episodes in the bathroom every day. The burning urine often comes out in drops rather than in a stream, and may have some blood in it. The pain radiates into your bladder, and into the small of your back. It is relieved temporarily after you urinate.

2. Staphysagria

This is the best remedy if it’s bacterial infection and painful urination caused by sexual activity. (For women, this is far and away the main trigger for an infection.) This is most appropriate if you have a constant urge to urinate but often you just can’t — only a few drops will come out. The frustration is, obviously, high. When urinating, you feel pressure in the bladder area and a burning sensation.

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3. Mercurius Vivus

The burning pain is intense and the urge to urinate is strong. One symptom aspect that Mercurius would be effective for is that it is worse in the night time — and you might have chills and sweating. The burning sensation is more acute when you aren’t urinating. The bladder is distressed and the urine appears dark.

4. Sarsaparilla

This remedy is effective for acute burning pain that happens right at the end of urination, as the last few drops fall. Pain can be severe. When in the bathroom you feel chills, and many women decide to stand rather than sit. Everything seems worse if the weather outside is cold and damp.

5. Berberis Vulgaris

You feel sharp, cutting pain in the bladder; upon urination, the pain is shooting and can radiate throughout the pelvic region, especially to your hips. When not urinating, your bladder aches and, if you move, it feels worse. That pain might flow to the stomach region, and even the opposite way to your thighs. The pain can be severe and is worse when you are sitting or lying down — thus can be temporarily relieved by standing up. The urine may have a reddish hue.

6. Pulsatilla

This one is useful for urges to urinate, coupled with an inability to hold back urine (urinary incontinence). The urge to urinate arises when any small amount of urine has collected in the bladder. Sharp pains arise with the urges and/or just after urination. The symptoms are worse with cold, wet weather.

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