This New Remedy Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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New RemedyFor far too many of us, our bed and pillows don’t represent a peaceful land of slumber and relaxation. Instead, they provoke stress and anxiety, because they are entirely the opposite. From Traditional Chinese Medicine flows a new all-natural remedy that could help slumber return to those who’ve lost it.

Trouble falling asleep. Trouble staying asleep. Daytime fatigue. Never feeling rested after waking up. Interrupted sleeps. All are signs of sleep problems, which represent a huge problem throughout the Western world. For some, it’s tough to shut off the mind and relax, especially after a busy or tense day. For others, any number of health conditions could be disrupting sleep.

Whatever the case, that pillow for many people is like a long-lost friend who is just out of reach. The sad irony for sick people is that sleep is what they crave most, but it’s also what they have so much trouble achieving.

Okay, so let’s get to the bright spot here. A new Chinese therapy has combined two potentially useful insomnia- fighters into one. Both acupressure (basically acupuncture with hands instead of needles) and valerian root have had success in helping people drift off in studies. In the latest health breakthrough, researchers combined them into “valerian acupressure.”

This would be the use of acupressure, with valerian aromatherapy filling the air during the session—for ultimate relaxation. Researchers compared 41 people on this treatment path to 44 in a control group. The 41 received valerian acupressure on three different “acupoints” between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. of the second day, while control groups received regular treatment. Results showed that after receiving valerian acupressure, patients’ sleeping hours increased and they woke less frequently. Measurements showed a relaxation response immediately after valerian acupressure.

If you are searching for insomnia answers, it may be time to visit a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. See if he or she knows about this great new trick. You may also want to research effective acupressure techniques you could use at home to help you or your partner sleep more soundly. And valerian root tea and supplements have also shown some benefit in relieving insomnia.

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