Try This Therapy on Sore Knees

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joint painSometimes, arthritis becomes severe enough in the knees that a knee replacement is the only way to stop joint pain. Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure that involves replacement of all three compartments of the knee.

Knee surgery can be a challenge to recover from. During a total replacement, the medial compartment (inside of the knee), the lateral compartment (outside of the knee), and the patellofemoral compartment (in front of the knee) are all replaced. Not surprisingly, pain symptoms are common after the procedure and regaining mobility is a slow process.

For those undergoing knee surgery, here’s some positive health news: researchers have discovered that electroacupuncture can help with recovery. For their study, the research team recruited 70 patients undergoing total knee replacement due to knee osteoarthritis. The patients were randomly divided into an acupuncture-rehabilitation group and a normal rehabilitation group.

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In the acupuncture-rehabilitation group, routine rehabilitation therapy combined with electroacupuncture therapy was applied. In the rehabilitation group, routine rehabilitation therapy was applied. The functions of the affected knee in both groups were evaluated.

The researchers found that rehabilitation therapy combined with electroacupuncture reduced pain during rehab, improved the endurance capacity of rehab training and motivation, and promoted the recovery of total knee joint function.

Not familiar with electroacupuncture? It’s similar to standard acupuncture, except a small electric current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles. Electroacupuncture is also called “percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation,” or PENS. According to some
acupuncturists, this practice boosts the use of regular acupuncture, helping to restore health and well-being. Electroacupuncture may be particularly good for reducing pain.

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