Why Women Might Benefit from Drinking This

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Why Women Might Benefit from Drinking ThisSome foods that prevent cancer are liquid-based. Here is yet another amazing piece of health news that shows coffee playing a role in cancer prevention. In this case, endometrial cancer. So listen up, ladies.

A brand new study has found that long-term coffee consumption may be associated with a reduced risk for endometrial cancer. Experts believe that coffee is emerging as a protective agent against cancers linked to obesity, estrogen and insulin.

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The grand morning beverage has already proven to protect against diabetes due to its effect on insulin. So the new idea was that coffee drinkers would see reduced incidence in some cancers. To that end, researchers looked at cumulative coffee intake in relation to endometrial cancer in 67,470 women who enrolled in the major “Nurses’ Health Study.”

Over 26 years of follow-up, there were 672 documented cases of endometrial cancer. Now, if you drank more than four cups of coffee per day, it was linked with a 25% reduced risk for endometrial cancer. Drinking between two and three cups per day was linked with a seven-percent lower risk.

As for decaf? A similar link was seen, where drinking more than two cups per day was linked with a 22% lower risk for endometrial cancer.

Experts hope that the study leads to further inquiries about the effect of coffee on cancer. It has often been linked with unhealthy habits, such as eating donuts or smoking cigarettes. But coffee has truly emerged in a new light over the past 10 years, with multiple studies highlighting health benefits that extend in many directions, most notably diabetes and cancer prevention.

What’s more is that lab testing has identified more antioxidants in coffee than in most fruit and vegetables. The only bad thing about coffee, other than if you have issues with caffeine, is the sugar and cream we tend to dump in it. Otherwise, bottoms up.