Why You Need Chromium to Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable

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It is important to keep up your levels of chromium as you age. Chromium supplementation has been found to improve glucose tolerance in elderly adults who have low levels of this mineral. Medical researchers think that age-related chromium depletion may be responsible for changes in glucose metabolism. These changes can result in symptoms related to low blood sugar and/or high blood sugar.

Diets that rely heavily on processed foods may not provide you with adequate amounts of chromium. Chromium is lost in urine, sweat, bile, and hair, excessive physical exercise or tissue injury. These can deplete your resources of chromium even further. When you are chromium deficient, you can develop insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and problems metabolizing fats. Here’s a highly nutritious source of active chromium that can be easily absorbed by your body: brewer’s yeast.

Brewer’s yeast is made up of the dried, ground-up cells of a kind of fungus called (the name is a long one)”Saccharomyees cerevisiae.” But before you protest that there’s no way you would ever eat fungus, rest assured that brewer’s yeast is very nutritious and very good for your health.

Brewer’s yeast is rich in minerals. In particular, it contains a biologically active form of chromium called “glucose tolerance factor,” or GTF. GTF is a water-soluble complex containing chromium needed for normal glucose tolerance. GTF works along with insulin to help with the uptake of blood glucose. GTF and chromium also play a role in other insulin-dependent activities, such as protein and fat metabolism.

Not only is brewer’s yeast abundant in GTF, but it is also rich in B-complex vitamins. The B vitamins are crucial for many of your body’s processes. Vitamin B1 helps you to process carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. A deficiency in B1 can cause anxiety, depression, confusion, and muscle weakness. Vitamin B2 works along with B1 to change carbs, proteins, and fats into energy that your body can use. If you aren’t getting enough B2, you’ll likely feel tired all the time. Ditto for B3. In supplement form, these three vitamins are usually combined together. B6 plays a big role in metabolizing protein. In fact, over 100 enzymes in your body rely on B6. B6 also helps regulate your blood sugar. And you need B9 to create and maintain new cells.

Brewer’s yeast is an easy, nutritious way to make sure you are getting some of these very important vitamins and minerals every day.