Workout Motivation Tricks to Get Yourself to the Gym

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Workout Motivation TricksWith each passing minute, it’s getting closer to the time I’m supposed to head to the gym. But I’m feeling a little tired. Not only that, but I was invited to a little get-together. And did I mention the game will be on?

The excuses we make up to avoid a trip to the gym are endless! But I have some workout motivation tricks up my sleeve that always get me going. And they just might work for you, too.

You know how it is. Some of the time—or let’s face it, most of the time—going to the gym isn’t the most appealing option. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably signed up, told yourself you’d go three times per week, and haven’t been back since you handed over a boatload of money.

Workout Motivation Tricks That Really Work

So on days like this, where the gym the last place I want to be, I’m going to need to trick myself into going. Because sometimes the long-term benefits—more muscle mass, a healthier heart, etc.—just aren’t doing it for me.

1. Try a Class

If I don’t have the self-motivation to do an individual workout, I’ll sign up for a class. My whole outlook changes if I know my name is on a list or that there is a specific time and place I’m committed to. By not going, it’s like I’m abandoning a commitment, not an option.

2. Talk about It

This is another effective strategy for getting to the gym. If you talk about it with people you know, you pretty much have to do it—otherwise you’re all talk and no action! When a friend or co-worker asks you what you’re up to or what your plans are, tell them!

3. Leave the Car at Home

If you don’t have a gym membership, or if you’re looking to further increase your activity, opting to walk places is a great way to trick yourself into boosting activity. Walking to the grocery store, office, doctor’s appointment, dinner plans, or a friend’s house is a great way to fit more steps into your day and boost activity levels.

4. Get Some Alone Time

Sometimes I just want to be alone and watch TV. But that can be hard to do at home. So I’ll go to the gym, plug my headphones into a cardio machine, and watch some Netflix, sports, a movie, or whatever I feel like. If there’s a movie or television series you’ve been dying to catch up on, cardio provides an amazing opportunity to accomplish some quality viewing.

Trick Yourself into Better Health

Sometimes the best way to get something done is to pretend you’re not really doing it. And getting exercise is one of the more difficult things to get amped up for, so some self-trickery may be in order. Give these workout motivation tricks a try. Hopefully, you’ll start getting a little more value out of that gym membership!

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