Cut Your Cold in Half with Lozenges

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How to Get Over a Cold QuicklyAfter two weeks of daylight savings time and rapidly fluctuating temperatures—at least here in the Northeast—you might be feeling a little sluggish these days. It usually takes me at least a week or two to adjust to daylight savings time, but now I’m under the impression I’m going to head into this weekend with a bit of a cold. You might be feeling the same.

What are my plans to stop my cold before it really sets in? Along with trying to get plenty of rest and fluids, I’m going to take a zinc supplement, as well. Past studies have indicated that zinc helps relieve cold symptoms quickly and effectively, allowing you to get back to work and on with your life.

Zinc Acetate Cuts Colds in Half

In fact, I recently came across a meta-analysis that was published in BMC Family Practice. The study showed that high-dosage zinc acetate lozenges shortened the duration of a common cold by 42%! They also cut the duration of the following common symptoms (many of which I’m sure irritate you to no end):

  • Runny nose by 34%
  • Nasal congestion by 37%
  • Cough by 46%
  • Scratchy throat by 33%
  • Sneezing by 22%
  • Sore throat by 18%
  • Hoarseness by 43%
  • Muscle ache by 54%

Nothing can steal your thunder like the common cold. A cold virus can be caught very easily. While it may rarely pose any significant threat to your overall health (the exception being those with weaker immune systems), they can put you out of commission for a few days. This can possibly lead to missed work and appointments, less time with friends and family, and a backlog of housework and errands, not to mention the general discomfort that you want to get past as quickly as possible. That’s why I brought up this study: if you want to get over a cold quickly, it seems zinc acetate is the way to do it.

Zinc acetate is the salt formula of zinc and can be purchased at most supplement and health food stores. The lozenges dissolve easily in your mouth, and the zinc ions are quickly released into your saliva. This definitely accounts for its effectiveness in treating the symptoms experienced around your mouth and nose, like a sore throat or congestion. As the zinc absorbs and travels throughout the body, it begins to help heal lower-respiratory symptoms and muscular aches.

How to Effectively Use Zinc to Fight a Cold

To experience the greatest benefits from zinc acetate lozenges, you’ll want to take them in the earlier stages of a cold, when you first begin to feel symptoms. A high dosage works best, so take about 80 milligrams per day from the onset of symptoms until your cold subsides.

It should be noted that research showed zinc acetate did little to combat fever, and that you might experience minor adverse side effects, like a sore stomach.

If you’re feeling a little worn down heading into the weekend and think a cold is brewing, take some zinc acetate lozenges and get some extra shuteye. You’ll soon be rested and ready for next week’s challenges!

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