15 Foods You Should Be Eating Today

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15 Foods You Should Be Eating TodayIt would be great if we could all buy organic all the time. Food grown without toxic pesticides and insecticides is much better for our health. Studies have shown that high levels of these chemicals, built up over time in our bodies from the foods we ingest, can contribute to a number of serious diseases. But what to do if you can’t budget for organic produce? Organic fruits and vegetables can definitely be pricier than conventional produce. And sometimes you just want to have that carton of raspberries or that bunch of broccoli that isn’t available in the organic section.

Well, here’s a health tip in the form of a list: the 15 conventional foods you can buy that are deemed lowest in toxic residues. These foods will help safeguard your efforts to maintain clear thinking, promote better digestion, avoid cancer, and prevent diabetes, until you can buy organic again.

First — the fruits:

— Mango
— Pineapple
— Kiwi
— Papaya
— Watermelon

Now for the vegetables:

— Avocado
— Asparagus
— Sweet corn
— Cabbage
— Eggplant
— Sweet potato
— Broccoli
— Tomato
— Sweet peas
— Onion

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There you have it: a list of conventional fruits and vegetables you can buy in a pinch. The important thing to remember is to keep your intake up. There is no better way to boost your antioxidant intake than to eat fresh fruits and veggies every day. Antioxidants help protect your cells from damage.

Fruits and vegetables are also high in important vitamins and minerals. Without adequate vitamin and mineral intake, you are pretty much assured of suffering from health problems. There isn’t a single organ or function in your body that doesn’t require at least one key vitamin or mineral to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Keep your levels up and buy these safer conventional foods when you can’t purchase the organic equivalents.