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Neutropenic Diet: Foods to Eat and Avoid for Neutropenia
With a neutropenia diagnosis, knowing what to eat when you have low white blood cells counts is crucial to a successful recovery. A neutropenic diet may be recommended for those with compromised immune systems, whether from undergoing chemotherapy,... Read More
Rotten Egg Burps (Sulfur Burps): Causes and How to Get Rid of Them
Belching is a common but usually socially unacceptable fact of life. It may happen a dozen times throughout the day, and many have rotten egg burps as a result. This form of expelled gas from the stomach may have a pungent odor depending on the foo... Read More
Iodine-Rich Food: Recommended Daily Intake and Why It Is Important
The body requires iodine for proper functioning and prevention of serious health conditions, so iodine-rich foods should be included in your daily diet. Consumption of fish, vegetables, and iodine-rich fruits may boost your immune system, mental st... Read More
How to Prevent Appendicitis: Foods and Lifestyle Changes
Appendicitis occurs when your appendix becomes so severely inflamed or infected that it causes pain, discomfort, and requires treatment that most likely includes surgical removal. Appendicitis prevention may be at the forefront of your mind wheneve... Read More
Fatty Liver Diet: Foods to Eat and Avoid for NAFLD
A fatty liver, also known as steatosis, may be treated and prevented with a fatty liver diet. Of the two types of fatty liver disease, alcoholic fatty liver disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, this article will focus on the best diet plan... Read More
Phosphorus: Deficiency Symptoms, Health Benefits, Daily Recommendations & Best Food Sources
Phosphorus is an important mineral found in foods. However, many people don’t know just how important it is for the body. It is considered the second highest element in the human body, as it makes up about 1% of an adult’s body. It is also inv... Read More
Low-Carb Diet Plan: What Exactly Is It and Does It Work?
It’s seemingly common knowledge that eating fewer carbs or adopting a “low-carb” diet is essential for slimming down. But in my experience, most people have no idea where they learned this information, or what even constitutes a low-carb diet... Read More
4 “Healthy Eating” Myths That Could Put You in Danger
Credit: The idea of “clean eating” has swept the nation. And countless myths about what “healthy eating” looks like have emerged that could put your health at risk. If I hear someone talk about clean eating one ... Read More
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