15 Effective Home Remedies for Post-Nasal Drip
Post-nasal drip treatment may be as close as your kitchen with the use of natural, everyday products. The uncomfortable yet common sensation of fluid dripping down the throat is caused by a buildup of excess mucus by the glands in the nasal passage... Read More
Nosebleeds: Causes, Home Remedies, and Prevention Tips
Credit: Nosebleeds are a common occurrence, especially during the dry, cold-weather months. It only takes a small irritation or a case of the common cold to trigger a nosebleed. If you find you are having frequent nosebleeds,... Read More
I Can’t Stop Sneezing: Home Remedies for Constant Sneezing
Credit: I can’t stop sneezing! It’s a common complaint among the general public, especially during the cold and flu or allergy seasons. A sneeze is the body’s response to an internal action, or a reaction to an environment... Read More
Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever): Causes, Symptom, Treatment and Prevention Tips
Hay fever. For those who suffer from allergic rhinitis, hay fever season can be the absolute worst time of the year. You’re sniffling, your eyes are watering, your ears are itchy, and your nose is like a running tap. Essentially, you can be an itch... Read More
Best Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever) Home Remedies
As one season turns into another every year, it seems that a growing number of people become more sensitive to the environment. Allergic rhinitis, otherwise known as hay fever, can affect us in different ways, from itchy eyes to a stuffy nose. This c... Read More
What Are the Best Essential Oils for Allergies?
In the last decade or so, we’ve discovered many ways essential oils can be used for a variety of health issues. There are some oils that are good for your skin. Other essential oils are good for the health of your stomach and digestive system in ge... Read More
Itchy and Watery Eyes? Try These Simple and Effective Home Remedies
As springtime approaches, many people, including myself, suffer from itchy and watery eyes. What is it about the change of seasons that seems to irritate our eyes? More often than not, it’s the allergens floating around in the air. The Causes of It... Read More
Allergy Remedies: Top 3 Natural Treatments
Spring is in the air and it comes bearing dust, pollen, ragweed, and a whole host of other allergens that are probably making your life miserable right now. Many people suffer from various seasonal allergies, so I’m going to pass along some of my t... Read More
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