Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Low Back Pain
Every year it seems to come out of nowhere. I’m talking about the holiday season. Okay, you may think it’s a little too early to mention the holidays, but tell that to my neighbor Bill. He’s already climbing his roof and putting up his Christma... Read More
Seven Little-Known Homeopathic cures to Help Relieve Stomach Pain
Stomach or abdominal pain is a common health complaint that can arise from many causes. Stomach Pain relief options are numerous, but here we focus on a cool seven remedies from the area of alternative medicine known as homeopathy. Stomach pain is of... Read More
What Do 11 U.S. Presidents, 7 Popes, and Charles Darwin Have in Common?
At first glance, you’d probably think that Charles Darwin and anyone connected to the Catholic church are mortal enemies! But if they ever had a chance to sit down together, they’d probably realize they have a lot more in common than they... Read More
The Mineral Solution for Your Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia has a reputation for being a difficult disease to treat. Its symptoms are far-reaching and diffuse. But the one thing every patient seems to mention is fatigue. This is not the sort of tiredness you feel after a long day or a sleepless n... Read More
Five Homeopathic Way to Heal Fractures Faster
While bone fractures require a doctor’s visit, homeopathy can still be part of the healing process, and can reduce symptoms. Here are five remedies to consider. 1. Arnica Montana: Arnica is a great remedy that is at its peak effectiveness when give... Read More
A Poisonous Solution to Coughs and Nausea
Two of the most common symptoms on the planet are coughing and nausea. Both, if chronic and long-lasting, may be hinting at a serious underlying cause. But for the average healthy person who runs smack into these symptoms every so often, there is a h... Read More
How to Escape That Emotional Rollercoaster
Not a small number of us are prone to serious emotional and psychological symptoms. And many overlap one another, teaming up for a knockout punch. You could be in the throes of grief, and also facing depression. Fear and anxiety are often coupled tog... Read More
Save Your Eyes with These Six Critical Remedies
Homeopathy can be an effective course of action for relatively minor injuries, such as a black eye or scratch, and minor irritations such as a case of swelling. These natural remedies could help reduce your symptoms, promote healing, and calm your ne... Read More
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