Homeopathic Calcarea Carbonica: Facts, Health Benefits, and Uses

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Homeopathic Calcarea Carbonica
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The Homeopathic Materia Medica derives remedies from all sorts of places, including mineral sources. Homeopathic Calcarea carbonica is one of those mineral-based remedies.

Calcarea carbonica is made from calcium carbonate, which often comes from oyster shells. As a homeopathic remedy, it is used for various health conditions, especially joint and bone problems. It is also researched as a remedy for cancer.

Other health benefits of Calcarea carbonica include its use for anxiety, phobias, digestive disorders, women’s health issues, dental problems, headaches, and ear infections.

This article is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about homeopathic Calcarea carbonica, including its history and various health benefits and uses.

Facts and History of Homeopathic Calcarea Carbonica

What do you need to know about Calcarea carbonica? As mentioned, it is often prepared with oyster shells, which are almost always found sticking to rocks for their safety. Within an oyster shell, an oyster can be found collecting and digesting food.

Although the homeopathic remedy typically comes from shells, calcium carbonate can also be found naturally in chalk, marble, limestone, pearls, and coral.

The body in general needs calcium for development and maintenance of bones, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission. Various essential compounds are also produced when calcium is combined with protein in the body.

Calcarea carbonica is one of several calcium salts used in homeopathy. Some of the others include Calcarea fluorica, Calcarea phosphorica, Calcarea iodata, Calcarea silicata, and Calcarea sulfurica.

Homeopathy founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann had proven Calcarea carbonica, and then published his findings in his book Chronic Diseases (1821-1834). The remedy is prepared by taking clean and dried oyster shells, and removing the mother-of-pearl from the outer shell. It is then ground into a fine powder with lactose sugar to create Calcarea carbonica. The end result contains virtually no traces of calcium carbonate, and it becomes a very powerful homeopathic remedy that may be capable of treating all sorts of ailments.

How Homeopathic Calcarea Carbonica Treats Cancer

Among the conditions homeopathic Calcarea carbonica is able to treat is cancer, according to a couple of research studies.

One study in particular was published in the journal BMC Cancer in 2010. The findings of this study suggested that the remedy is a non-toxic, anti-cancer option by improving immune response against tumor cells and even inducing direct inactivity in cancerous growths.

The researchers found that Calcarea carbonica inhibits cancer cell adhesion and invasion. In other words, it stops the hold and attack of cancer cells. Previously, mice studies have also demonstrated the anti-cancer abilities of the alternative preparation.

Another study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2013 found that Calcarea carbonica would lead to 30% to 35% tumor cell death in mice with Ehrlich’s ascites carcinoma (EAC) and sarcoma. The results indicated that the remedy would induce cell death in tumor cells through the activation of the immune system and immune-modulatory circuit.

The Homeopathic Profile and Other Uses and Health Benefits of Calcarea Carbonica

What are the other health benefits of homeopathic Calcarea carbonica? In homeopathy, the remedy profile is significant for determining whether the treatment is the right fit for your symptoms. This particular homeopathic remedy is best suited for placid, sensitive, shy, and contemplative people that may also have an agitated and excitable side.

The remedy is also prescribed for cautious and fearful worriers that are calmed from reassurance. They are also forgetful, lack energy, and are inherently clumsy, and often sprain wrists and ankles. Work and security are important to the Calcarea carbonica type.

As children, this type of person will develop slowly, and teething and walking happen later than the average person. Both children and adults will sweat heavily, and mostly on the scalp. Overall, they have sluggish circulation. The person may also be averse to dairy, meat, and coffee, while they seem to crave eggs, sweets, and even indigestible things like soap, dirt, charcoal, or chalk.

The person is also prone to constipation and sour-smelling sweat, while they are also inclined to be overweight and sensitive to cold.

Calcarea carbonica is also prescribed for headaches, digestive disorders, dental problems, bone and joint pain, ear infections, psychological disorders, and women’s health problems like heavy menstrual flow or premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Let’s take a look at how homeopathic Calcarea carbonica benefits these other key health concerns:

1. Psychological Disorders

Calcarea carbonica is used for mental and emotional symptoms as well as physical symptoms. The remedy is often prescribed for depression, nervousness, anxiety, and exhaustion. It is used for worry and fears that may escalate into obsessive behavior that centers on suspicions that others will “see through them.” In other words, they fear being considered a “fake” person.

The person’s anxiety may be due to irrational fears that typically include poverty, the future, darkness, failure, losing control, insanity, general illness, heart disease, cancer, and death. They are also doubtful of their own recovery from illness. The person also feels as though they are constantly being watched and criticized. Worry and anxiety may also prevent and disrupt sleep, which can lead to insomnia.

2. Digestive Disorders

Calcarea carbonica is also used for all sorts of digestive problems, including indigestion, sour belching, gas, and constipation with sour-smelling, pale, and hard stools. The symptoms are often triggered by stress, agitation, or anxiety. The remedy is also used for symptoms of milk intolerance, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal distension.

3. Bone and Joint Pain

Calcarea carbonica is often a key remedy for bone and joint problems. Specifically, it is used for joint pain, wrist conditions, backaches, bone growths, and bunions. These conditions can be caused by an arthritic condition, joint problem like tennis elbow, or slow-healing sprain. It can also be prescribed for broken bones that are slow to heal. Movement, cold, and dampness will worsen symptoms.

4. Dental Problems

Calcarea carbonica is used for dental problems, such as painful teething in children, when there is also fever, sore gums, and a sweaty scalp. The child will also be irritable, and will make a chewing motion with their jaw. The remedy is also used for slow tooth development, weak and crumbly teeth, and tooth decay in both children and adults. Symptoms worsen from cold or heat in the mouth, or from a direct current of air hitting the teeth.

5. Women’s Health Problems

Calcarea carbonica is also used for a variety of women’s health problems, such as vaginitis or vaginal thrush. This condition will produce burning vaginal itching, with a thick milky or white-yellow discharge.

There may also be heavy menstrual flow or PMS that possibly produces dizziness, low energy levels, and enlarged, painful breasts. There is also increased sex drive, palpitations, migraines, and menstrual low back pain. The remedy is also used for menopausal symptoms like heavy bleeding and breast pain. Symptoms are worsened by emotional stress and also before or after periods.

6. Headaches

The homeopathic remedy is used for sharp, right-sided headaches that are possibly accompanied by congestion, dizziness, or excess mucus. Migraines may even produce nausea and an uncomfortable, bursting pain. Symptoms seem to improve in the late morning or during dry weather.

7. Ear Infections

Calcarea carbonica is also a common ear infection remedy. The person may experience hearing loss or hear various noises or cracking sounds. They also experience aching when blowing their nose or coughing.

Final Thoughts on Homeopathic Calcarea Carbonica

Where can you get some homeopathic Calcarea carbonica? It is found online or at the supplement section of a health food store in liquid or pellet form. You will also be able to get the treatment from your homeopath, if they feel the remedy best matches your mental, emotional, and physical symptom picture.

As mentioned, Calcarea carbonica is used for cancer, anxiety, phobias, digestive disorders, bone and joint pain, dental problems, women’s health problems, headaches, and ear infections.

The general dose is five drops or one pill every one hour for intense symptoms, or every four hours for mild symptoms. Once there is improvement, stop taking the remedy, and only begin again once symptoms have returned.

If there is no improvement after three doses, visiting a qualified homeopath rather than treating your own symptoms becomes even more important. This is because your homeopath will be able to suggest the most appropriate dosage and potency of Calcarea carbonica for you. Follow-up appointments provide a good opportunity for your homeopath to tell you whether your dosage, potency, or remedy needs to be changed.

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