Side Effects of Commonly Prescribed Drugs

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Health Alert: One of the bottles of medications in your home might be as lethal to your body as rat poison!

 Recently, my friend Bill’s face swelled up like a balloon after he took Motrin for a headache.

There are very few people in North America today who go a week without taking some form of medicine, vitamin, or herb. But how many of those people know that they should avoid combining it with ginseng, ginkgo, or garlic — three very popular herbal supplements?

 Bill sure didn’t — and chances are you didn’t, either.  In fact, every year, millions of people suffer from dangerous and potentially fatal side effects when they unwittingly combine safe drugs with other foods, vitamins, herbs, and medicines.

 Fortunately, thanks to Avoid the Harmful Side Effects of Today’s Commonly Prescribed Drugs, for the first time in your life, you could possibly be able to help prevent dozens of dangerous drug reactions and gain more control over your health.

 Avoid the Harmful Side Effects of Today’s Commonly Prescribed Drugs is the only home reference we know of that not only lists the side effects by prescription, but also includes a listing of herb and vitamin side-effect triggers that could cause you trouble as well.

 You can now look up dozens of everyday foods, vitamins, and herbs that could cause you to have a reaction to the medicines you may be taking, help you eliminate drug interactions, and possibly prolong your life.

 And, when you consider that avoiding just one drug drug interaction from occurring could prevent chest pain. . . stomach problems. . . hives. . . nausea. . . dizziness. . . or worse. . . you really can’t afford to pass up this offer.

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