A Week at a Spa Works Real Health Wonders

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Spa Treatments Like Massage Can Really HelpIt’s official: hitting the spa is really good for you. A new report says that spending a week at a retreat can not only influence your emotional well-being, but your physical well-being as well.

Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia tracked 15 people before they went into a California wellness spa and afterward. There was legitimate evidence that the health of the spa-goers was significantly improved—perhaps the first scientific proof of a belief held by many for generations.

To prepare for the retreat, participants were asked to modify their diet by eating fruit, sprouts, raw and steamed vegetables, salads, herbal teas, prune juice, and laxative teas or herbal laxatives nightly, and avoiding pasta, meat, cheese, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods. None of the patients in the study had any history of significant illness.

Their spa week consisted of meditation, colonic hydrotherapy, voluntary yoga lessons, and a voluntary cleansing fast of low-calorie juices. The test subjects were taught stress management, and were given time to personally engage in deep breathing and heightened awareness.

(A spa treatment for back pain: https://www.doctorshealthpress.com/pain-articles/try-this-spa-treatment-for-back-pain)

The results were compelling. The spa program led to reduced weight of nearly seven pounds on average, a 7.7% drop in diastolic blood pressure, reduced toxins and sodium, and a 5.2% drop in cholesterol and body mass index. There were no serious adverse effects.

The participants also experienced improvements in anger, tension, fatigue, and confusion, and significant reductions in anxiety and depression levels. None of the results can be positively associated with any one part of the program (like yoga, meditation, or hydrotherapy).

But, it did show that spending a week at a spa retreat, if you have the money, can be an effective way to get your health back on track. Before you go, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor, and make sure that a spa retreat is in your best interest.

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A Week at a Spa Works Real Health Wonders
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