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Michael J. Watson
Michael Watson is a University of Toronto graduate with over 12 years of writing experience. He is interested in all facets of the medical industry and takes a common-sense approach to nutritional science. Michael has a particular passion for finding alternative angles to commonly covered topics. He is a firm believer in science-based evidence, and responds to unsupported claims with facts, studies, and snark.
What to Know about Pain under the Left Rib Cage
Credit: Hagen Hopkins / Stringer /Getty Pain under the left rib cage can mean anything from a ruptured spleen, to heart trouble, to just needing to have a good fart. The ribs are a veritable collection of bone, muscle, and organs, most of which are f... Read More
All about Liver Pain
“Ow, my liver!” is not a phrase that comes up often in conversation. Liver pain, however, is a very real thing that is often a sign of an underlying problem. There are various types of liver disease ranging from viral to genetic to lifes... Read More
Stretch Marks: What They Are, Where They Come From, and How to Deal With Them
Stretch marks are streaks, stripes, or lines that appear on the body when the skin is suddenly and intensely stretched. Although harmless, the appearance of stretch marks can make people self-conscious. It is hardly surprisingly that most people with... Read More
What to Know about White Spots in the Throat
White spots on the throat usually have one of two origins: the tonsils, or a disease. Although the discoloration can be disconcerting and (depending on cause) the accompanying symptoms distressing, the situation is rarely dangerous or life-threatenin... Read More
Understanding Left Leg Swelling
Left leg swelling is not an uncommon occurrence since it can arise from a collection of different causes. These causes are, however, highly varied and most indicate a potentially serious—or at least problematic—underlying issue. Generally speakin... Read More
The Confusing and Conflicted Case of Coconut Oil Cholesterol
Coconut oil does not have the same health-friendly pedigree as, for instance, canola, but it has been getting a bit of increased attention as a possible ingredient to use when looking to lose weight or manage cholesterol. There have been studies look... Read More
Causes and Treatments for Upper Left Abdominal Pain
Abdominal pain is both an extremely common symptom and, from a medical perspective, an annoyingly unhelpful one. This is why doctors will divide your abdomen into quadrants in order to make things more specific. If they know that your pain is from th... Read More
Chest Infection: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments
Winter is a time when people prefer to stay indoors with loved ones. This prolonged and often close contact makes it easier for infections to spread around and is the reason why winter sees a rise in chest infections. These ailments can range from a... Read More
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