How to Choose Skin Cleansers Wisely

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Not all skin cleansers are created equal.With skin aging such a major issue for adults, and such a profitable industry, here is a story about choosing the right cleansers.

Despite all the products we buy and the upkeep we do, there are mistakes people make that work against that strong, healthy glow of skin.

Whether you are after moisturizers or exfoliating products, don’t just assume the fancier and higher-priced items are optimal. In fact, you absolutely need to be reading labels—just as Doctors Health Press preaches—in the supermarket or pharmacy.

When in the beauty aisle of your local pharmacy, spend some time reading. Make sure you choose products that have as few chemicals as possible. As you might presume, loading your skin up with chemicals is not the most natural solution to any skin issues.

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So in that vein, make sure you avoid products that contain active chemicals. One to avoid is “SD-40,” or “isopropyl alcohol.” This ultra-common skin care ingredient will irritate you if you are prone to acne or sensitive skin. It can lead to dry skin, redness, and perhaps even brown spots or premature aging.

Read that fine print! This is especially critical if you are one of the many people who suffer from oily skin prone to blemishes, eczema, rosacea, or allergies that affect the skin. Here, you want to get moisturizers, sunscreens, and foundations that are “oil-free.” You may spot this word that means the same thing: “noncomedogenic.”

How about everyone with dry skin? The same rules apply: read those labels carefully, because the product you pick up from the shelf and the one next to it may do entirely different things. With dry skin, you need oil. So don’t go buying an oil-free product meant to control acne. Plus, for those with dry skin, over-moisturizing is also a serious hazard. Don’t slop on the cream or heavy moisturizers, because it will congest the skin over the long term. (A better bet is to buy a solid humidifier, instead.)

If you are unsure, always ask the pharmacist or dermatologist about the best products for you. A $50.00 container of moisturizer is worth getting right. And, like the humidifier idea, maybe you don’t need a cream at all!