How to Naturally Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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Naturally Treat Erectile DysfunctionSexual problems are a common complaint in men over the age of 40. Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and even depression have been targeted as major risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Compounding the problem even further is the fact that many medications prescribed in the treatment these diseases can trigger prescription drug side effects in the form of sexual dysfunction.

For this reason, a new joint study just performed at Tulane University Health Sciences Center, and the University of California, looked at lifestyle factors and their role in preventing erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. According to the researchers, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes control, and obesity could all be linked to ED. Weight loss, in particular, could help reverse ED through decreased inflammation, increased testosterone levels, and improved mood and self-esteem.

The research team recommended that men should be educated to increase exercise, reduce their weight to achieve a normal body mass index, and stop smoking to improve or restore erectile function. For those who have other health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, lifestyle modifications may be even more important in preventing or reducing sexual dysfunction. These modifications may include better glycemic control in diabetic men and the use of drug therapies for hypertension and depression that are less likely to cause sexual side effects.

So, here’s another great reason to get on a healthy eating program. Healthy foods like whole grains, monounsaturated fats such as olive oil, and fresh fruits and vegetables will not only help improve diabetic and heart disease symptoms, but they will also help boost your sexual health. Add some exercise every day, too, and you’ve got a great recipe for good health, no matter what condition you’re struggling with.

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