Six Natural Remedies for an Earache

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herbal remedyEaraches are a very common nuisance, and can be the source of a lot of pain and irritation. Here are seven top homeopathic remedies to help take the pain away.

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1. “Chamomilla:” This soothing herbal remedy could heal acute earaches that can be very painful. It is worse at night. Your cheeks may redden and you become restless and worry-filled. You have clear discharge from the nose. This one is really about the pain, which can be nearly unbearable. Try “Chamomilla” early on.

2. “Belladonna:” The infamous homeopathic herb strikes again for this a sudden earache that has intense pain. For whatever reason, it tends to occur in the right ear rather than the left. Your face will appear bright red and feel hot and dry. The ear is very red as well, and the pain is piercing. It may be accompanied by fever. The pains may come and go without warning, but are always worse at night.

3. “Pulsatilla:” This is a superior earache remedy. It is particularly effective for swimmer’s ear when the ear is red and swollen and you feel pain pulsating through it. Your mood may change quite a bit, you feel better outside in fresh air, you have a fever, and the pain is worse at nighttime. The ear feels plugged, and the pain is burning. You may have some kind of discharge from the ear, possibly thick and greenish or yellowish. Deep inside the ear, you have itching. “Pulsatilla” is the most common homeopathic remedy for acute earaches.

4. “Aconite:” Some homeopathics believe “Aconite” is a better treatment for ear pain than either “Pulsatilla” or “Chamomilla.” It is best for stinging or throbbing pain, and a dark redness in the ear that is very sensitive to the touch. The pain may suddenly occur, and your mental symptoms include anxiety and fear. The earache may have been brought on by a sudden temperature change, especially to cold and windy. The pain is worse at night, and when you have a fever.

5. “Mercurius:” If your answer is “Mercurius,” your earache will be accompanied by a fluctuating bodily temperature (from chills to hot flushes), excessive sweating, an unusual amount of saliva, and a foul-smelling discharge from the ears. Your tonsils or lymph nodes may swell somewhat (as well as your tongue), and your throat may be sore. Pain will, as usual, be worse at night. Your face and teeth may ache along with the ear.

6. “Hepar Sulphur:” Feel a lot of chills? “Hepar Sulphur” may be the best remedy for your earache. On the topic of pain, it will greatly sore, highly sensitive to touch, and feel like a sharp object is being thrust in the ear. It gets worse in the cold, and feels better with a warm compress. From the ear may seep a smelly substance that is yellow-green. Your irritability is high and you are sensitive to anything cold.

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